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Small Business SEO Atlanta Ga

I’ll let you in on a little SEO secret.  Most of the other Atlanta SEO companies you may call really aren’t that interested in small business SEO.  I mean, if you’re 10 or less employees the other SEO companies really aren’t interested in you.


Well…to be totally honest, most small businesses don’t have the budget for SEO.

And another reason is that larger companies understand “you get what you pay for.”  Larger companies usually have budgets and they understand SEO is an investment.  They are In it to win it.” They are willing to go the distance with SEO…a month…a year….2 years…they are going to be around so they are willing to invest.

Small Business SEO Atlanta

However, we understand small business SEO.

In fact, since we are a small business we understand the that the people who need SEO the most are…you guessed it….small businesses.

So if you’re a small business and are ready to invest in your website, give us a call.

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